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At the beginning of 2019, ISM opened the ISMART Design Center, which will bring together entrepreneurs who want to invest in the hotel equipment sector and bring their projects to life, as well as developing new products and projects.

ISM Minibar, which has always made it a habit to break new ground in its sector and has made it its mission to be the undisputed pioneer company of the sector in Turkey and in the world, once again broke new ground and was entitled to receive the 'Design Center' approval from the Ministry of Science and Industry at the end of 2020

The survival and development of a business depends on its ability to respond to rapidly changing customer and market demands in a timely manner and to meet these demands with an innovative approach. In this context, it is now much more valuable for businesses to meet these demands, to reflect the company's engineering know-how with innovative and game-changing ideas, and to carry out design and R&D activities within a certain discipline and development according to contemporary norms.

To contribute to the development of projects within the framework of different business models by cooperating with all entrepreneurs who have an innovative project in the accommodation and hospitality sector, especially the hotel room, and who want to develop these projects. In order to achieve these goals, cooperation is made with universities and many organizations in the service sector. Our aim is that our design center not only brings new designs to our company, but also provides opportunities for young designers with all kinds of innovative ideas and designs related to the sector.

We want to shape the future together with the new generation.